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Managing Partner, Education


New Profit


Shruti is a Managing Partner at New Profit, where she leads the organization's work in education. In this role she supports capacity-building of education organizations and facilitates collaboratives of social entrepreneurs, funders, researchers, policy influencers, and opinion leaders aligning actions to fundamentally reimagine the future of teaching and learning in America. Prior to this, Shruti led New Profit's portfolio management practice, ensuring organizations were receiving the support and resources they needed both from New Profit and from the Monitor Institute by Deloitte through pro-bono strategic engagements. In addition to leading the Education Team, Shruti currently serves on the boards of CASEL, Envision Education, and Zearn and chairs the board of New Teacher Center.

Shruti's family has a history of giving back to communities in different ways with courage and perseverance. Her grandmother was the ad-hoc matriarch of the neighborhood in India where Shruti's mother grew up. Among other things, Shruti's grandmother enlisted a local gynecologist to work with the domestic worker community to provide education and assistance with family planning, and to help break the cycle of poverty perpetuated by high fertility rates. Shruti's father was born in Multan, a region of South Asia known for producing people with courage in the face of all kinds of danger. She feels that this combined background necessarily led her to New Profit where she now has the opportunity to work daily to boldly forge new paths to drive poverty alleviation and social justice.

Shruti joined New Profit in 2006 while finishing a joint M.B.A./M.P.A. Prior to graduate school, she managed a campaign for State Assembly in California while starting up a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping critically ill workers. Before that, she spent seven years working in the private sector, initially as an engineer at Honeywell, an aerospace engine manufacturer, and later in a series of quality management positions at Howmet Castings, an aerospace casting manufacturer, and Jabil Circuit, an electronics manufacturing services company. Shruti holds an S.B. in chemistry from MIT, an M.B.A. from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and an M.P.A. from Harvard Kennedy School and is a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow.

When not rigorously pursuing social change, Shruti meditates, loves cooking-especially trying out new dishes-and works hard to expose her nieces to social justice and activism.

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