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College Access Director


Gem Innovation Schools (Gem Prep)


Tera Reeves began her career in the Whitepine School District teaching kindergarten, first and fourth grades. Working in a high-poverty, rural setting inspired her to provide all children access to a high-quality education. Tera wrote and received significant grants to provide her students with quality preschool, after-school, and summer school programs to give all students a safe place to continue their studies, experience cultural activities, and realize their full potential regardless of their socioeconomic background. Working in a small, rural district provided Tera with opportunities to gain experience and take on leadership roles in multiple facets of public education, from the classroom to the principal and finally leading the district as the Superintendent.

Tera joined Gem Prep Online (formerly Idaho Distance Education Academy I-DEA) in 2015 as the principal and federal programs director. Working in an online setting, Tera helped increase the high school graduation rate for I-DEA by more than 22%, bringing it to the highest virtual school graduation rate in the State in 2019. Tera worked to continue the strong vision of early college access for all students, helping recent graduates earn an average of 45 college credits and over $36,000 in scholarship offers per graduate.

As Gem Prep’s college access director, Tera is focused on assisting all students to be prepared for college through a strong focus on mastering the competencies identified as essential for college and career success. Additionally, Tera tracks students from kindergarten through post-high school to ensure they meet critical college-ready benchmarks.

Tera received her bachelor's degree in elementary education from Washington State University. She later completed her master's in Education Leadership from the University of Idaho and an Educational Specialist Degree with the Superintendent Certification from the University of Idaho.

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