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Lindsay Unified School District


Tom Rooney is the Superintendent of Lindsay Unified School District, where he has engaged in the system-wide transformative work of building a learner-centered Performance Based System throughout the entire K-12 learning community for the past 15 years. Prior to his position as Superintendent, Tom served as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, elementary Principal, elementary Assistant Principal, and classroom teacher. Tom is highly knowledgeable of research-based instructional practices, and is a key leader involved in work related to the development, evaluation and modification of all aspects of the Performance Based System in Lindsay Unified. He maintains a strong track record of successful and committed leadership at the site and district levels focused on serving the learners and families of the Lindsay community. Beyond the Lindsay Unified School District, Tom Rooney has become a nationally recognized voice for all matters related to learner-centered models, learner-centered leadership and systems transformation. Over the past decade, he has provided multiple keynote addresses, webinars, and formal training sessions throughout the country on the topics of transformational leadership, performance-based learning, and competency-based education. Tom also serves on the Aurora Institute Board, the Rural Education for Americans Project (REAP) Board, and as the chairperson of the Lindsay Educational Foundation for Learning (LEFL), and is a founding member of the Learner Centered Leadership Lab.

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