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Victoria Ankrah joined Acelero Learning in 2007 as the director of Acelero Learning Camden. She is currently Vice President over Acelero’s programs in Camden, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Under her leadership, the program has grown significantly – from serving ninety infants and toddlers operating out of a single facility in Camden to a funded enrollment of over nineteen hundred children between the ages of zero and five in sixteen different facilities in the Camden and Philadelphia area. The mission of Acelero is to close the achievement gap for children living in poverty. The program strives daily to attain its mission by offering high-quality early childhood education, health and nutrition services, disabilities and mental health services, and social services to income-eligible children and their families. The program focuses on kindergarten readiness and positive child and family outcomes. As a Head Start alumna, Victoria understands and knows firsthand the benefits of a good program. Prior to Acelero, Victoria worked as the education manager for five years at a Head Start program in Plainfield, New Jersey. She began her career as an elementary school teacher in Paterson, New Jersey. While there, she recognized a desperate need in the system to better support and educate children from disadvantaged or underprivileged backgrounds at an earlier age. As a result, Victoria changed her career focus and endeavored in her life pursuit to be a change agent in early childhood education. She pursued and obtained a Master in Early Childhood Education from Montclair University in 2006. While pursuing her degree, Victoria worked as a preschool teacher for two years and as an Education Manager for five years to gain experience in the field.

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