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Chief Executive Officer


Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship


Dr. Wayne Jones, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native, is the CEO of Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship, founder of Dominus High School, and an adjunct instructor at Duquesne University's Palumbo-Donahue School of Business. His leadership is marked by a relentless pursuit of results and a visionary, transformational style.

In addition to his professional roles, Wayne contributes to the community through impactful publications, including an op-ed titled "Entrepreneurial Education Essential for Pittsburgh Youth" and educational research on the impact of entrepreneurial education on K-12 teachers' efficacy in Pennsylvania.

Deeply committed to community service, Wayne serves on the Boards of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, Advancing Youth Initiative, PennWest California Alumni Association, The Hear Foundation, and The Sanders Dream Foundation. He also dedicates his passion for coaching to the Garfield Gators Youth Football program.

Wayne has received accolades such as the Pittsburgh Magazine PUMP 40 Under 40 award, Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools Legacy Award, Nabhi Christian Ministries, Inc. Young Professional Leadership Award, New Pittsburgh Courier Men of Excellence distinction, California University of Pennsylvania Under 40 Award, and Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Dr. Lottie P. Edwards Community Service Award.

Wayne earned his Ed.D. in Leadership and Administration with a Superintendent Letter of Eligibility from Point Park University, complemented by an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management from the California University of Pennsylvania.

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