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Dr. Adam Falkner is an artist, educator and equity & inclusion strategist.

He is a founding partner of the pioneering diversity consulting group, The Dialogue Arts Project, and has over a decade of cross-industry experience developing creative diversity curricula and cultural programming for corporate, academic and nonprofit partners. A former high school English teacher in New York City’s public schools, Adam’s pedagogy and research focus on understanding how performance, storytelling and technology work to foster empathy and cultural competence in individuals and organizations. He is a Senior Consultant with Jennifer Brown Consulting, and has held residencies and teaching appointments at Columbia University, Vassar College, The Pahara Institute, The Public Theater, Pinterest, and elsewhere.

As a poet and writer, Dr. Falkner’s work explores intersectional themes of race, masculinity and queerness. He is the author of The Willies (Button Poetry, 2020) and Adoption (Winner of the Diode Editions Chapbook Award), and his work has been featured on programming for HBO, in The Guardian, The New York Times, and elsewhere. He has toured the United States as a guest artist, lecturer and trainer, and was the featured performer at President Obama’s Grassroots Ball at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. Adam holds a PhD in English & Education from Columbia University.