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Partnership for Resilience


Audrey Soglin is the former Executive Director of the Illinois Education Association (IEA). Audrey received her Bachelor’s in Education from Northern Illinois University and did graduate work at Loyola University in Chicago. She taught in Evanston, Illinois, for 25 years. Ms. Soglin started her career teaching self-contained special education students and after eight years, moved to regular education where she taught kindergarten, first, second, fourth and fifth grades. During her career, Audrey was the president of the association and has served on local bargaining teams. Prior to becoming the Executive Director of the Illinois Education Association, Audrey was the Director of the Center for Education Innovation for IEA and the Executive Director of the Consortium for Educational Change. Audrey has done a great deal of staff development work during her career and has been featured in staff development videotapes by Everyday Math and Teachscape. She has developed a particular expertise in the areas of mentoring, teacher evaluation, formative assessment, and observation. She works closely with Charlotte Danielson and is a member of the Danielson Group. Audrey has worked with many joint committees to develop comprehensive standards based evaluation systems and trained principals and teachers to successfully use such systems. Audrey has also facilitated training and workshops in the areas of school and union leadership, data analysis, formative assessment, and school improvement. She has worked closely with large urban districts, suburban districts, small rural districts, regional offices of education, and association leaders.

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