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Founder & CEO


Contigo Ed


Donald Kamentz is the Founder and CEO of Contigo Ed. We envision a world where every student is prepared and empowered to live a choice-filled life Our entire staff, both full-time and contracted, consists of practitioners who have been both highly successful counselors and organizational leaders and managers. Having both the direct and high-level managerial experiences makes us both well-respected and highly sought out experts in this postsecondary access and success space. Prior to this role, he served as Executive Director of Character Lab, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the science and practice of character development. Comprised of a team of researchers, educators, and designers, Character Lab believes character skills are malleable and measurable, character development can enhance academic performance, and finally, character strengths are as important to long-term life outcomes as are IQ and socioeconomic status. Before Character Lab, Donald spent 16 years, lastly as Managing Director of College and Career Initiatives, at YES Prep Public Schools, a public charter school system in Houston, Texas. Under his leadership, he created a college access program recognized nationally as a model for supporting first-generation, low-income students to and through college. Prior to joining YES Prep, Donald spent five years with Teach For America in a variety of roles, most recently as the executive director for institute operations. Donald earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science, with a minor in international affairs-Latin American Studies, from The George Washington University.

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