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Managing Partner, Equity & Proximity


New Profit


Gia is New Profit’s Managing Partner, Equity & Proximity, where she plays a leadership role in championing New Profit’s ongoing commitment to developing a strong culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Gia is also a teacher at heart. Throughout her more than two decades in education, she served as a high school social studies teacher, an instructional coach, a middle school principal, a senior leader at Oakland Unified School District, and the CEO of Envision Education. Under Gia’s leadership, Envision’s 4-year college acceptance rate went from about 60% to 91% for the Class of 2022; in that time Envision also achieved 99% 2- or 4-year college acceptance and 85% college persistence. Envision Learning Partners, their consulting arm, continues to expand its reach and increase its impact serving a dozen districts to implement performance assessment systems and deeper learning, reaching over 350,000 students nationwide. In her various leadership roles, Gia has learned that to improve outcomes for and with historically marginalized communities: leaders must be willing to do significant “mirror” work and be ready to change; adults need to learn to collaborate productively across difference; and community wisdom and power must be prioritized and amplified. As a former social entrepreneur backed by New Profit, Gia was drawn to the organization’s mission of supporting proximate leaders. Gia’s passion is developing a shared, inclusive vision centered on equity and community. She is a Pahara Education Fellow, a Leading for Equity Fellow with the National Equity Project, a member of Education Leaders of Color, and a leadership coach for LeadLiberated.

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