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Piñata Possible


Laura Saldivar Luna (she/her/ella) is a believer in the limitless potential of humanity and the power of living life fully expressed. She and her husband David are the proud parents of two hilarious kids, Paloma and Lucas, and three rambunctious corgi pups, Benny, Clyde, and Dale.

Laura founded and leads a transformational coaching practice, lovingly named Piñata Possible, which is dedicated to helping humans access powerful breakthroughs in their lives and leadership.

With the support and encouragement of her parents, Laura was the first member of her family to graduate from college. She attended Georgetown University in Washington, DC and the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, graduating with dual degrees in English and Spanish.

Laura spent 17 years as an educator and executive with Teach For America, a career which included exciting experiences like: teaching high school in a rural town on the Texas-Mexico border; becoming the founding executive director of Teach For America in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas; and leading human capital strategy as Teach For America’s national chief people officer.

As a speaker, writer, and coach, Laura loves using transformational tools to create new possibilities. Her unique approach to coaching embraces the bliss within tension and finds power in paradox. She is passionate about the magical intersections between achievement and allowing, planning and emergence, input and intuition, and the known and unknown.

Community care of the collective and honoring the wisdom within nature are both very important to Laura. She sits on the board of directors for the San Antonio Report, a nonprofit digital news organization dedicated to creating a more informed community, and she is the newest member of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Board.

Laura restores her alignment and finds joy in practicing laughter, yoga, dancing, journaling, traveling, and sharing gratitude with others. If you afford her the opportunity, she will talk your ear off about her obsession with colorful pens, Disneyland, and why a cup of hot tea is one of her most important daily rituals.

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