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Laura McGiffert Slover is the president and chief executive officer of CenterPoint Education Solutions, a nonprofit focused on advancing equity through aligned academic systems, including high-quality curriculum, assessment, and professional learning. Laura began her career in education as a high school English teacher in Colorado, where she saw first-hand the power of great teachers to prepare all students to achieve success regardless of their zip code. She then spent 16 years at Achieve, a bipartisan education reform organization that supports states in building systems of quality standards, assessments, and accountability. In 2009, as senior vice president, she led Achieve’s efforts to support the development of the Common Core State Standards, and in 2010 she helped launch and subsequently led the Partnership for Assessment of College and Careers (PARCC), a consortium of states working together to develop a common assessment system to drive equity across states. She and her colleagues launched CenterPoint in 2017 to help districts and schools maximize student achievement through coherent academic systems. Laura earned her bachelor’s degree in English and American literature from Harvard, her master’s degree in education curriculum and instruction from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her master’s degree in education policy from Georgetown. A native Washingtonian, Laura was a mayoral appointee to the District of Columbia School Board in 2007 and subsequently was elected twice to the State Board of Education. She currently serves on the Board of the Latin American Montessori Bilingual (LAMB) Public Charter School. She is a member of the national advisory board for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and a Trustee of the College of the Atlantic in Maine. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband Bill, and their daughter Avery. She can often be found wandering the Palisades neighborhood with their dog, Roxy.

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