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Rozhar Collaborative


Mahnaz Charania most recently served as a senior research fellow at the Christensen Institute. A research psychologist by training, she leveraged innovation theory to support multiple organizations and districts in taking a data-informed approach to transforming students’ learning environments and networks in ways that amplify equitable access to opportunities, particularly for traditionally under-resourced students. She is a highly-regarded expert in measuring and evaluating the impact of innovative practices and her ability to translate research to practice through collection and use of non-traditional metrics of student success. Prior to joining the Institute, Dr. Charania served as a public school district administrator, a director of social impact efforts within an independent school, and a behavioral scientist studying social and structural determinants of health. She continues to serve as an advisor to local, federal and international agencies on translating evidence-based research to system-level practice. “I believe an ecosystem of diverse thinkers and doers can attain powerful solutions to pressing problems. Our education systems must equip students to learn across differences and amplify their learning through real-world relationships in order to fully prepare them as informed, active citizens.” Dr. Charania is a champion and advocate for equity and social justice driven practices, a Fellow with the Pahara Institute, and a 2018 recipient of Atlanta’s 40 under forty award. Read her most recent blogs and writings here:

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