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Kr8 Ventures


Margeaux, a seasoned education professional with nearly two decades of experience, has consistently championed innovation within the K-12 sector. She is Co-Founder of Kr8 Ventures, a product development company that supports early stage startups, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Her entrepreneurial journey began during her high school years in New Orleans when she interned at her first startup. Starting in the Quality Assurance department as a teen, she quickly moved on to support the CEO in expanding the software's reach to public schools across the nation.

Over the years, Margeaux co-founded several startups. Her first was dedicated to creating data and GIS mapping tools that facilitated the growth of charter schools. She also played a pivotal role in developing data systems for prominent education organizations like Leading Educators, FirstLine Schools, and TNTP. Before her current role at Kr8, Margeaux managed projects at Mursion, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup specializing in virtual reality simulations for K-12 educators and Fortune 500 executives.

Margeaux's entrepreneurial spirit further flourished as Chief Program Officer at Reframe Labs, where she led an incubator program designed to mentor and train education entrepreneurs in launching innovative schools. In addition to her extensive entrepreneurial experience, Margeaux brings a strong educational background as a former math teacher. Notably, she co-founded The Los Angeles School of Creativity and Technology (C-Tech), further highlighting her commitment to transforming education. She has served as Board Chair of California Creative Learning Academy, and is a board member of Artificial Intelligence Los Angeles (AILA). Margeaux is an alumna of both M.I.T and USC, and A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane.

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