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Vice President, Global Business Intelligence and Central Planning


Dell Technologies


Offiong Bassey, Vice President of Global Business Intelligence & Central Planning in the Marketing Organization

The team I’m privileged to lead incorporates the muscle of integrated business management, AI-informed customer targeting, reporting, and analytics – core functions that have assembled in this newly established structure. To shorten the title, I started with the most intuitive acronym - GBICP. But in keeping with the muscle theme, I’m thinking “Global BICeP” team. Has a nice ring to it? If I play out the metaphor, a strong bicep helps one perform everyday tasks and, in this case, we empower a marketing organization that can plan, test, and pivot with agility to drive customer engagements and business impact. Collaboration is the name of the game and navigating the dynamic, cross-functional, international space in which we operate…is fuel for me.

My professional tapestry has been eclectic, spanning management consulting, healthcare strategy, supply chain logistics, leadership development, education, and IT transformation. Threaded through these corporate experiences has been a drumbeat of music: singing, songwriting, & production (I have my own record label) and a passion for building healthy communities. I am energized by developing my team to their full potential. So, why tech? Tech as an area is simultaneously relatable (as it touches every aspect of our lives) and highly inaccessible (full of opaque and complex concepts). My role is to help broad stakeholders discover common strategic ground and establish rhythms that allow us to be “stronger together” (pun intended).

After studying Political Science at Yale, I earned Project Management Professional (PMP ®) and Level III Product Manager Certifications. I deliver keynote speeches on business transformation and I mentor early career professionals in various fields. I gain inspiration by spending time with my family and leading on my church's worship team. My name means "God's Moon" in my family's Nigerian language of Efik. As such, I endeavor to reflect the light I've been given, every day.

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