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deputy superintendent


Tulsa Public Schools


Paula Shannon's near 25-year career in public education spans three states and includes experience as a classroom teacher, literacy coach, curriculum director, and chief academic officer. She currently serves as deputy superintendent at Tulsa Public Schools. Paula serves as key support to the superintendent in directing and leading the district?s overall strategic plan to reach its ambitious objectives and goals to become a proof point for what is possible in urban education. Prior to moving to Tulsa, Paula held senior leadership roles at the Syracuse City School District, Achievement First, and the Providence Public School District. Paula believes that a high-quality education is integral to the foundation of a strong democracy, critical to combating poverty, and a fundamental civil right for all people. She works to bring that vision to fruition by fostering highly effective and empowered teams who share her belief that even the impossible becomes possible through investing in people, designing collaboratively for change, and maintaining a relentless focus on creative solutions. Paula commits daily to transforming public education systems into places that position educators as learning engineers and unleash the potential of little and big people alike. Paula holds a bachelor of arts in government and international relations from the University of Notre Dame, a master of education with a focus on curriculum and instruction from Lesley University, and a master of arts in education from the University of Rhode Island. Paula currently serves on the board of directors of City Year Tulsa and Counseling and Recovery Services of Oklahoma.

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