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Pahara Announces New Class of Leaders for The Pahara Fellowship

(November 30, 2023) - The Pahara Institute announced today a new cohort of the highly selective Pahara Fellowship. These 23 individuals join the Pahara community of leaders, which is designed to strengthen and sustain values-driven leaders who are transforming public education so that every child is prepared to lead a free and fulfilling life.

The Pahara Fellowship is a one-year, cohort-based program that identifies exceptional leaders in the educational excellence and equity movement, facilitates their dynamic growth, and strengthens their collective efforts to dramatically improve public education, especially those serving low-income children and communities. The Fellowship provides these leaders with the unusual opportunity to step back from their demanding daily work to reflect with peers on their collective and individual impact as leaders and change agents. Fellows challenge each other to think beyond traditional silos and sector boundaries to develop strategies that enhance their effectiveness as leaders, address leadership challenges in public education, and accelerate the improvements needed to provide high-quality learning opportunities for all of our nation’s children.

The newest cohort of Pahara Fellows includes:

  • Jay Artis-Wright, Executive Director, Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools

  • Rich Billings, Partner, Charter School Growth Fund

  • Cady Ching, Chief Executive Officer, Summit Public Schools

  • Kayleigh Colombero, Superintendent, Étoile Academy Charter School

  • Leona Christy, Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst:Ed

  • Brenda Dickhoner, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ready Colorado

  • Adonica Pelichet Duggan, Chief Executive Officer, Baton Rouge Alliance for Students

  • Moises Echeverria, President and Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Tulsa Schools

  • Andrew Ferguson, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dalio Education

  • Kevin George, Superintendent, LSU Laboratory School

  • John Glover, Chief External Affairs Officer, Friendship Public Charter School

  • Jim Goenner, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Charter Schools Institute

  • Salma Khan, Chief of Staff, GreatSchools

  • Gonzalo La Cava, Chief Human Resources Officer, Fulton County Schools

  • Vince Marigna, Chief Executive Officer, Breakthrough Collaborative

  • Gemar Mills, Chief Academic Officer, College Achieve Public Schools

  • Jeremiah Newell, Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Area Education Foundation

  • Anokhi Saraiya, Chief Academic Officer, KIPP North Carolina Public Schools

  • Randy Seriguchi Jr., Executive Director, Urban Ed Academy

  • Lindsay Sobel, Chief of Policy, Planning, & External Affairs, Teach Plus

  • Eric Waldo, Chief Executive Officer, The DC College Access Program

  • Remy L. Washington, President, Uplift Education

  • Margie Lopez Waite, Chief Executive Officer, Las Americas Aspira Academy

To access bios and photos of the Pahara Fellows, click here.

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About the Pahara Institute

The Pahara Institute seeks to strengthen the movement for educational excellence and equity by developing and sustaining values-driven leaders. The guiding principle of the Pahara Institute is that bold improvements are needed in our public schools so that every child in America is prepared to lead a free and fulfilling life. Pahara’s programs are designed to identify leaders in education innovation, and through a time-tested dialogue approach, strengthen and sustain their efforts to bring about critical improvements to our public schools. For more information, please visit


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