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Senior Chancellor


Florida Department of Education


Adam Miller is the vice president of advancement at IDEA Public Schools. Prior to this, he served as Executive Director of the Office of K-12 School Choice for the Florida Department of Education. In this role, he provided leadership and directed the implementation of Florida’s school choice policy and programs, including public charter schools, tax-credit scholarships for low income students, two scholarship programs for students with disabilities, and private school and home education. Prior to this, Miller served as the Director of Charter Schools for the Department for five years.  He was responsible for securing and administering Florida’s federal charter school program grant, directing Florida’s charter school facilities funding program, leading several Race to the Top initiatives, and providing technical support and guidance to Florida’s charter school operators and authorizers. Miller has worked in and around public education for almost two decades. Beginning in the nonprofit sector, he worked with public and private partners, including school districts, to develop quality programs for children with disabilities. He soon narrowed his focus to working primarily with children with autism, which led Miller to develop and operate a public charter school. After five years of serving as the Executive Director for the charter school, he moved to Tallahassee and began his work for the Florida Department of Education. Miller has a Master’s degree in Education from Florida Atlantic University and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Education Policy at Florida State University.

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