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Director, Oakland Space Academy


Chabot Space and Science Center


Dr. Louise Bay Waters is Director of the Oakland Space Academy, a grades 10-14 workforce development program at the Chabot Space and Science Center designed to increase access for local ,low-income, first gen participants in the Bay Area aerospace industry. 6 years ago retired as Superintendent Leadership Public Schools, a network of urban charter high schools in the Bay Area. LPS has become known for school turnaround, district collaboration, and partnerships supporting equity-focused education innovation. In retirement she is supporting the work of a number of education leaders, particularly White leaders, working in contexts of Color as well as more general community work related to Whites and race. Louise came to LPS from the Stupski Foundation where she headed research on districts that have accelerated the performance of students of color and poverty. Her work at Stupski built off of her experience in the Oakland Unified School District. As Associate Superintendent of Student Achievement in Oakland, Louise led the instructional reforms from 2001 – 2004 that resulted in district achievement gains that outpaced the State. She was also responsible for Oakland’s exit from two long-standing Office of Civil Rights oversight decrees. As a principal in the New Haven district (Union City), she designed award-winning assessment and extended day programs. Prior to her career in K-12 administration, Louise led the State’s first new teacher program, a partnership between Oakland and the California State University, East Bay. As a professor of Teacher Education at the university, she was head of a number of urban teacher preparation programs. She began her career as a teacher at Berkeley High School and has authored numerous textbooks and articles. Louise holds a B.A. and Masters from Stanford University and a Doctorate from the Pennsylvania State University.

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