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Maka Black Elk_edited.jpg

Maka Black Elk

Jason Bransford_edited.jpg

Jason Bransford

Mario Cardona_edited.jpg

Mario Cardona

Ed Chang_edited.jpg

Ed Chang

Executive Director for Truth and Healing,

Red Cloud Indian School

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Chief Executive Officer,

Gem Innovation Schools

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Chief of Policy and Practice,

Child Care Aware of America

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Executive Director,


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Tanika Childress_edited.jpg

Tanika Island Childress

Tracey-Elizabeth Clay_edited.jpg

Tracy-Elizabeth Clay

Diana Cournayor_edited.jpg

Diana Cournoyer

Courtney Criswell_edited.jpg

Courtney Criswell

Chief Executive Officer,

UChicago Charter School

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Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, 

Teach for America

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Executive Director,

National Indian Education Association

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Vice President of Policy and Program,

PIE Network

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Sharif El-Mekki_edited.jpg

Sharif El-Mekki

Elizabeth Garza_edited.jpg

Elizabet Garza

Robert Harvey_edited.jpg

Robert S. Harvey


Laura Maestas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Center for Black Educator Development

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Chief Schools Officer,

IDEA Public Schools

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Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer,

East Harlem Scholars Academies, EHTP

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Chief Executive Officer,

DC Prep

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Anu Malupatil_edited.jpg

Anu Malipatil

Tara Malovitz_edited.jpg

Tara Marlovits

Justin Scott_edited.jpg

Justin Scott

kevin shafer_edited.jpg

Kevin Shafer

Vice President, Education,

Overdeck Family Foundation

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Chief External Officer,

Uncommon Schools

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Regional Superintendent,

KIPP Texas Public Schools

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The City Fund

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nenna ude_edited.jpg

Nnenna Ude

michelle vilchez_edited.jpg

Michelle Vilchez

Evilia Villa_edited.jpg

Evelia Villa

My project (21)_edited_edited.jpg

Odelia Younge

Chief Executive Officer,

Match Education

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Co-Chief Executive Officer,

Innovate Public Schools

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Chief Executive Officer,

Amethod Public Schools

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Director, Micro-credentials,

Digital Promise

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